Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cathedral Window QAL - COLOR BURST

 Color Burst Cathedral Block

  Jessica Lynn Skibicki

 To download the PRINTABLE version of this quilt block please click below! 

Skill Level: Beginner

 This quilt block is so simple every beginner – expert will be able to do it in a short amount of time. I wanted to create a block that is bright and colorful ( huge fan of bright colors!) to really have it make a statement. 

Fabric Requirements:  You will need 15 squares that measure 4.5 “ 
I recommend  splitting them into groups.

4 – one color ( bright used on each corner)
4 – one color ( bright used in between each corner block except the very middle)
4- of you stand out color ( used on each corner block)
2 -darker squares ( used in the middle block)
1 -Black ( or dark color for the center)

And of course.. please feel free to change up the colors as you want

Tools Needed: Rotary cutter
                           Cutting mat
                           Pellon 100% Natural Cotton batting or Soy/Cotton blend


Step 1 . Decide where your 8 bright colors are going to lay for you Checker board. Place your dark square in the middle.

Step 2.  Take the 4 brights that are left and fold them in half to form a triangle and Press to get a sharp crease. ( Steam is your friend!)  Then repeat for the 2 darker ones.

Step 3. Lay the triangles on the blocks as shown to make sure you are happy with the placement and color choice.

Step 4.   Pin the fabrics together on one edge. Fold the nice edge of the triangle   anywhere from ¼ “ to ½ “  at the widest point in the center. ( I chose ½”) Press them down and pin. While doing this you will want your triangles to form a curve as shown so each end is smaller than the middle.

Step 5. Stitch the triangle on the square close to the edge around the curve.

 Step 6.  Now you will want to  repeat the same steps for the center block except this time you will have two triangles on one square.

Step 7.  Your squares should now be complete and you can sew your blocks together as shown using a ¼ “ seam allowance (  Connect each block to create 3 rows of 3)

 Step 8. Finally you will connect the rows using a ¼” seam allowance again.  ( tip.. be sure to nest your seams before sewing rows together and set your seams and press your blocks with an iron after connecting)

Step 9: Press your FINISHED block!! Congrats! you are DONE!

Finished block will equal 12 .5”

To download the PRINTABLE version of this quilt block please click below! 

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Send your finished quilt block to our group to be entered to will some AMAZING PRIZES from Pellon! 

And don't forgot to check the other 8 artists participating in this awesome Quilt a long!

Thank you everyone!  Please contact me with ANY questions you make have by leaving a comment below!

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Have a great day everyone!!


Wendy said...

A week ago I would have laughed at your claim that even a beginner could do this, but having made the block from week 4, I think I might be able to make this! I'll certainly give it a go, it's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica Lynn said...

Yay!! I am glad you are gonna make it!! It is really simple i promise :) If you need help just contact me and I will help :) Thank you for the nice compliment!

Joanne said...

A very well illustrated tutorial. Thank you. Joanne

Kate said...

This is a lovely block and the colours you used are fabulous! I had no idea there were so many different ways to make a cathedral window and am enjoying learning. Thanks for sharing.

Hobbieswithtina said...

How do I enter your giveaway

ritainalaska said...

love these blox ... have a cathedral windows quilt on my to do list, but maybe i can work up a sampler instead! love all the blocks!

Hobbieswithtina said...

Hi every one. I have a sewing collab channel if you wish to try out all info will be on my channel

Jessica Lynn said...

Tina - to enter the giveaway just leave a comment on that post ;)

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